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General Saw Blade - Sintered Blade

sintered diamond saw blades

What is a sintered diamond blade?

Sintered metal-bonded diamond tools are the most common among the diamond saw blades. These diamond saw blades consist of a steel blank and diamond segments, which are made by combining synthetic diamonds with metal powder and then sintering them together. The diamond segments are also known as the “cutting teeth” of the saw blade.

Diamond blades are made up of two components:  the steel core and the segment.

How do diamond blades work?

Diamond blades don’t cut, they grind!  The exposed diamond crystals do the grinding work. The metal matrix or bond holds the diamonds in place. Trailing behind each exposed diamond is a “bond tail” which helps to support the diamond. As the blade rotates through the material the exposed surface of the diamonds grind the material being cut into a fine powder.

How long do diamond saw blades last?

As the diamond wears and fractures, controlled erosion of the metal bond containing the diamond exposes new sharp diamond points. This cycle of erosion and exposure continues until all of the diamond and metal bond section of the segment is gone. Once the cutting section is consumed the blade will no longer grind letting the operator know it is time for a new blade.

Please note: 

These diamond saw blades must be run with a lubricant such as water or oil. NEVER run dry! We recommend using a good quality cutting oil with these blades. To enhance the performance and life span of these blades, abide by the recommended operating speeds and spin-dry your blade after use to prevent any rusting.

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