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General Saw Blade - Laser Welding

laser welded diamond blade

What Is A Laser Welded Diamond Blade?

A diamond blade is manufactured in two processes. The first is the core design. This is when the steel is shaped and tuned so that the diamond blades being made from it are high quality and long lasting. The second is the welding of the segments onto the actual core of the diamond blade.

Laser welded diamond blades will tend to have a longer life and cut faster than sintered diamond blades. Sintered diamond blades have a much shorter life than laser welded and typically will not cut as efficiently.

Application of laser welded diamond blade

Designed to cut stone, brick, block, pavers and concrete.

Quality-engineered diamonds, bonding matrix and steel core.

Advantages and benefits of laser welded diamond blade

the depth and width of the weld area is large.

the weld is extremely accurate, so the blade core is very minimally affected.

laser welded can withstand higher temperatures during cutting and extending blade life significantly.

The most important point is that the diamond segments would not drop during cutting.

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