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How Can the Strength of the Diamond Saw Blade Be Improved?

Mar. 15, 2021

As a Diamond Tools Manufacturer, share with you.

What are the mechanical properties of diamond saw blades related to? How can we improve the strength of diamond saw blades? The performance of the diamond saw blade does not only depend on the diamond, but on the overall performance of the composite material of the cutter head formed by the proper cooperation of the diamond and the binder. For soft stone such as marble, the mechanical properties of the cutter head are required to be relatively low, and copper-based adhesives can be used. However, the copper-based binder has low sintering temperature, low strength and hardness, high toughness, and low bonding strength with diamond. When tungsten carbide (WC) is added, WC or W2C is used as the framework metal, and an appropriate amount of cobalt is added to improve the strength, hardness and bonding characteristics, and a small amount of Cu, Sn, Zn and other metals with low melting point and low hardness are added for bonding phase. The particle size of the main additive component should be finer than 200 mesh, and the particle size of the additive component should be finer than 300 mesh.

Sintering Saw Blade

Sintering Saw Blade

How can we produce high-quality diamond saw blades? Diamond saw blade is a tool we will use in industrial processing. It can help us perform industrial processing very well. Today we are introducing how to produce high-quality diamond saw blades.

1. Use high-strength diamond with stable production performance, coarse particles and good thermal stability (ti and tfi are directly close). Diamond tools are basically fixed on the working substrate by diamond and matrix under certain technological conditions, and mainly rely on the abrasive and cutting action of diamond to process different stones. Therefore, the quality, grain size and concentration of the raw material (diamond) have a decisive effect on diamond tools.

2. Although the strong carbon powder element is added, the diamond holding power is improved. In the diamond saw blade processing process, if the cutter head matrix has a good holding force on the diamond, the diamond will have a good edge, will not fall off prematurely, and it will be sharp during cutting with high efficiency. Generally, metal elements such as plating, titanium, chromium, nickel, tungsten, etc. can be formed by coating a layer of strong carbon compound on the surface of the diamond to improve the bond between the diamond and the matrix powder and help prevent the diamond from being sintered at high temperature. Oxidation and graphitization; In addition, a small amount of strong carbon powder elements, such as molybdenum, chromium, and tungsten powder, can be added to the carcass powder. Because this kind of powder has good wettability and affinity for gold and corundum, a carbide alloy is formed on the surface of diamond and matrix metal during sintering, which is conducive to the chemical bonding and metallurgical bonding of diamond and matrix metal, thereby greatly improving the tire The power of the body to hold the diamond.

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