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What is the Relationship Between Diamond Saw Blade and Diamond Surface Metallization?

Apr. 28, 2021

As a Diamond Tools Manufacturer, share with you.

Diamond surface metallization is also called diamond electroplating. It can be divided into physical PVD coating, electroless CVD, electrochemical coating and so on. Nickel plating and cobalt plating are more common.

Sintering Saw Blade

Sintering Saw Blade

According to different processes, it can be coated with a smooth and uniform film, or it can be coated with a non-uniform graininess. How does diamond surface metallization affect the performance and production cost of diamond saw blades?

Diamond surface metallization is to form a metal, alloy, metal carbide layer or a mixed layer of diamond on the diamond surface by physical or chemical methods, so that the diamond surface has metal properties to improve the interface bonding performance.

There are 3 types of metallization on the diamond surface:

1. It can improve the bonding ability of the binder and diamond;

2. Improve the strength of abrasive grains;

3. Play the role of isolation and protection, slow down or prevent the graphitization, oxidation and chemical attack of diamond.

Scholars at home and abroad have studied the three possible interface bonding forces between diamond and metal, and proposed to deposit a vacuum micro-evaporated titanium (Ti) coating on the diamond surface to improve the diamond penetration effect of the body.

It is believed that the diamond surface coating can improve the bonding strength of the interface between diamond and Cu, Co, Ni and Fe-based matrix materials, and improve the abrasive performance of these four matrix materials to varying degrees. The improvement of the iron-based matrix material is particularly obvious.

This is because Fe powder has high activity and is easy to oxidize. When sintered at high temperature, it can strongly ablate the diamond, resulting in graphitization of the diamond. Use vacuum micro-evaporation metallization technology.

It can metallurgically combine the diamond with the electroplated layer, prevent the corrosion of the diamond by elements such as cobalt, iron, and nickel, thereby improving the grip of the matrix to the diamond.

Practice has proved that the use of diamond surface titanium plating technology can reduce the amount of diamond used in the blade of the saw blade, and can use a large amount of cheap diamond, which greatly reduces the manufacturing cost, and reduces the tool life and service life. Under proper conditions, cutting efficiency can be improved!

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