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Do you Know the Knowledge of Alloy Saw Blade Coating?

Jul. 14, 2021

When it comes to saw blades, everyone knows that they are commonly used in woodworking equipment, and alloy saw blades are believed to be heard by everyone, but do you know the coating of alloy saw blades? Diamond Tools Manufacturer introduces to you the knowledge of alloy saw blade coating.

In fact, the coating technology of alloy saw blades has a long history. In the past, the technology bottleneck limited to coating materials has not been used on a large scale.

Sintering Saw Blade

Sintering Saw Blade

Nowadays, especially since the beginning of the 21st century, various high-performance coatings on alloy saw blades have frequently appeared. The most common coatings for saw blades today are mainly colorful coatings, oxide coatings and titanium coatings. Floor.

The existence of alloy saw blade coating aims to enhance the wear resistance of the saw blade and effectively extend the life of the saw blade, and the sawing cost of the enterprise will also be effectively reduced.

Specifically, the most common colorful coating is also called surface chromium nitride coating. This kind of coating is mainly applied to those saw blades for cutting stainless steel pipes.

When saw blades with chromium nitride alloy coating on the surface, when sawing stainless steel or some alloy steels, compared to saw blades without coating or with general coating, their own resistance during high-speed cutting is Lower and more wear-resistant. There are fewer burrs on the workpiece.

The second is the oxidation coating, which has a wider application range than the colorful coating. In the actual process of adding the coating, the saw blade will undergo steam treatment and then form an oxide layer on the surface.

The existence of the oxide layer will improve the smoothness of the alloy saw blade itself. When sawing the profile, the self-lubricating ability of the saw blade itself will also be improved, which can avoid the problem of the saw blade being stuck by the material to a certain extent.

Next is the titanium coating. As the name implies, for those saw blades with titanium coating, the biggest feature is that the surface of the saw blade is golden.

The surface hardness of the alloy saw blade treated with titanium gold coating has reached 2400HV, which is three times higher than that of the saw blade after oxidation treatment. For alloy saw blades with titanium coating, they are mainly used to quickly cut seamless steel pipes, iron pipes and other bars.

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