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How to Sharpen Alloy Saw Blades?

May. 20, 2021

As a Diamond Tools Manufacturer, share with you.

Alloy saw blade is a general term for the carbide saw blades welded on the steel plate. From the point of use, there are many types: aluminum alloy saw blades, woodworking saw blades, steel saw blades, acrylic saw blades, and so on. Every different type of saw blade has different requirements whether it is the strength of the steel plate, the tooth profile or the angle of the cutter head, so how to sharpen the alloy saw blade? This question should be answered as follows.

Laser Welding Saw Blade

Laser Welding Saw Blade

1. It needs to be emphasized that the sharpness of the alloy saw blade is directly related to the quality of the material used and whether the designed tooth angle is reasonable.

2. Secondly, from a production point of view, a grain of alloy has 6 faces, of which two faces are welded to the steel plate and closely adhered to the steel plate, so there are 4 faces that need to be ground. These 4 surfaces need to be ground. Each surface has two angles. Therefore, when grinding each tooth surface, the angle of the grinding wheel on the machine needs to be adjusted according to the standard to ensure that each surface is strictly in accordance with the previously designed angle.

3. To sum up, it is recommended that when purchasing alloy saw blades, you should find the ones produced by experienced and capable manufacturers, and it is better to return to the original manufacturer for grinding. The angle parameter will be mistaken to ensure the sharpness of the alloy saw blade.

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