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What are the Factors That Affect the Selection of Diamond Grinding Discs?

Jun. 19, 2021

The selection and use of diamond grinding discs are lawful: diamond grinding discs or concrete thick grinding discs are used for ground leveling and rough grinding; fine sanding discs can be processed without coarse sanding discs; increasing grinder counterweight or increasing the speed can increase the rate; try not to skip the number and use the grinding disc; dry grinding saves more consumables than water grinding, but the water grinding treatment will make the ground more uniform and delicate; after washing the ground and drying it, use a thin grinding disc to polish the fruit at a high speed. Good; the use of sponge polishing sheet can improve the brightness of the ground.

Sintered Blade

Sintered Blade

Today, the editor of Diamond Tools Manufacturer discusses the factors that affect the selection of grinding discs, and simply organizes and shares with you.

1. The flatness of the ground

Manual troweling and leveling of the ground or the old ground that is loose and severely damaged. It is necessary to level or remove the loose surface layer. You need to use a high-power grinder, and choose a concrete diamond grinder that has strong grinding power and is suitable for leveling. sheet.

The self-leveling cement floor or the mechanical leveling of the trowel is better. Only diamond resin grinding discs can make a beautiful polished floor, and the grinding discs are also more economical.

2. The hardness of the ground

The concrete used in the design and construction of the concrete floor is represented by a number, which is what we usually talk about C20, C25, C30, etc. Under normal circumstances, the higher the number, the better the strength and hardness of the concrete, but due to various Due to the influence of factors, the marking of concrete and the hardness of the ground are often not corresponding.

The hardness of the concrete floor is usually expressed by Mohs' hardness. The hardness of the concrete floor is usually between 3-5. On the construction site, we can use some substitutes instead of the Mohs hardness tester to understand the hardness of the floor: the hardness of the dents and the scratches that can be drawn with iron nails and keys is less than 5, otherwise The hardness is greater than 5.

3. The weight and speed of the grinder

Floor grinding machines are usually divided into small, medium and large types. Generally speaking, the larger the machine, the greater the power, and the higher the rate; in actual use, it is not that the larger the machine, the better. Although the grinding rate of an oversized and overweight grinder is very high, it will often lead to excessive grinding during use. Cost of construction. Experienced workers will adjust the machine speed, moving speed, number of grinding discs and machine counterweight according to the machine point to reduce the construction cost and increase the construction rate.

4. Type and size of grinding disc

Commonly used abrasives for floor treatment are PCD abrasive discs, metal-based abrasive discs, and resin-based abrasive discs. PCD abrasive discs are used to remove thick coatings on the floor surface, and metal-based abrasive discs are used for floor surface pretreatment and rough grinding. Resin-based grinding discs are used for rough grinding, fine grinding, fine grinding and polishing of the surface.

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