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What is the Difference Between Laser Welding Teeth and High Frequency Brazing?

Apr. 17, 2021

As a Diamond Tools Manufacturer, share with you. If the foundation is not well laid, I can't think about seeking long-term development. For all types of saw blades, in addition to the material factors of the base and the teeth, the quality of the welding is very important.

People have birth, old age, sickness and death, and saw blades have their own deadlines. Once the deadline is brought, there are often only two choices left to the profile sawing and processing enterprises, either scrap the saw blade or trim the saw blade.

Laser Welding Saw Blade

Laser Welding Saw Blade

Among the many factors that can affect the life of the saw blade, the welding method of the saw tooth is often the most easily overlooked place. But in the actual cutting motion, we must not ignore the tooth welding process.

At present, there are many saw blade manufacturers on the market. When they produce various types of saw blades, the tooth welding methods used are nothing more than high-frequency brazing and laser tooth welding.

For these two methods of welding saw teeth, there is actually no difference between the better and the worse. There is only a choice of a suitable saw blade according to the actual situation of the saw blade cutting process. But from the point of view of tooth welding technology, there are still some technical differences between them.

First of all, high-frequency brazing is a method of physically bonding the teeth by heating the base body and the serrations through a high-frequency brazing machine at high temperature through a silver soldering sheet.

At the same time, when the saw tooth is welded by high frequency brazing, when the saw blade is sawing the profile, as the temperature of the saw blade increases, the welding part will gradually become loose. Once the saw blade temperature reaches a tolerable peak value, Tooth loss often occurs.

Therefore, saw blades using high-frequency brazing cannot withstand long-term, high-load and severe sawing tasks. Especially for some saw blades used for stone sawing, high frequency brazing often cannot guarantee the durability of the saw teeth.

As for laser welding teeth, silver welding pieces are not needed when welding the teeth. Instead, the laser energy directly melts the base and the cutter head, and directly melts the base and the cutter head into one body, forming a metallurgical bond.

Compared with traditional high-frequency brazing, the biggest advantage of laser welding teeth is that the saw blade is not easy to lose teeth. Especially for some diamond saw blades used for sawing and processing brittle and hard materials, these saw blades often use laser welding teeth.

At the same time, in terms of the quality assurance of saw blade grinding, a single saw blade grinding nearly 20 times of grinding process is enough to ensure the grinding effect of a saw blade.

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