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What are the Design Principles of Diamond Saw Blades?

Feb. 26, 2021

Today, Diamond Tools Supplier will introduce the design principles of diamond saw blades. The diamond saw blade in abrasives is a special powder metallurgical product processed from diamond and metal powder. In the manufacturing, some methods and means in the conventional powder flash are used for reference. This kind of cutting disc can guarantee the efficiency of the work, but we cannot absolutely guarantee the safety of the user. Therefore, it is recommended that precautions should be taken during the use time. However, due to the particularity of the diamond and the complexity and variability of the processing object, it is more than ordinary The powdered scintillation products are more difficult to measure with mechanical performance standards. The factor that has a greater impact on the performance of the cutter head is the binder.

Sintering Saw Blade

Sintering Saw Blade

The design principle of diamond saw blades: diamond saw blade bond: the key points to be considered in the selection of cutting blade bond in production research are (1) the ability to hold diamond; (2) the coordinated and synchronized wear of diamond and bond for different processing objects (3) Suitable manufacturing process conditions; (4) Reasonable cost. The holding power of the bond to the diamond has mechanical holding power and chemical holding power. The mechanical holding force is mainly determined by the elastic modulus of the binder. Elements that increase the elastic modulus of materials, such as Cr, Mn, W, or WC hard phase, can increase the holding force and increase the wear resistance. Of course, too high abrasion resistance is not conducive to diamond cutting. The chemical holding force is formed by "welding" or chemical bonding between diamond and binder. It can not only increase the life of the cutter head, but also increase the protrusion height of the diamond on the surface of the cutter head, form a larger space for cuttings, and improve cutting efficiency. To improve the chemical holding power is to increase the wettability and bonding of the bond to the diamond.

Under the premise of firmly holding the diamond to give full play to its effectiveness, the bond must also be worn simultaneously with the diamond to form a new cutting edge. The coordination among diamond, bond, and processing object is the most difficult to master and control in diamond saw blade manufacturing. For example, as the diameter of the saw blade increases, the cutting force increases, and a higher grade of diamond is required, and the wear resistance of the bond should be improved accordingly.

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